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Roll over Berloskoni


Scopro grazie al sempre ottimo Costantino della Gherardesca questo brano decisamente weird che non potevo evitare di segnalarvi. www.interbangrecords.com è il sito dove potete comprare il vinile limitato di Eugene Chadbourne. Vi riporto sotto il testo:

Roll Over Berlosconi

Gonna write a little song for my Italian friends today

It’s not such a crazy record but I know they’ll give it a play

Roll over Berlosconi, got to hear it again today

When I first got the news, I almost blew a fuse

Now my Italian Friends, everyday they have the blues

Roll over Berlosconi tell Mussolini the news

Ceaser, Nero, he’s no hero

Radio, newspapers, freedom goes up in vapor

Television, you need his permission

Or a cabineri inquisition

Roll over Berlosconi you ought to roll right into prison

With a biological testament you need his okay to die

Except an African immigrant with no papers cannot survive

Roll over Berlosconi, melt your face into a pizza pie

Wiggly as a worm, switching like a spinning top

He’s got some Mafia partners, you ought to see them reel and rock

As long as they have millions, their crimes will never stop

Roll over Berlosconi, roll over Berlosconi

Roll over Berlosconi, roll over Berlosconi

Roll over Berlosconi, tell Mussolini the news

Duce, Porco, Julius Narco

Racist, facist, scratching the worst itch

Media leading the criminals heeding

Down dirt brown shirt so stupid it really hurts

Roll over Berlosconi, tell Mussolini the news

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