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Ritmo Sincopato: il jazz in Italia 002

Nuova Puntata: intervistiamo lo scrittore Jacopo Tomatis, i musicisti Alessandro Centolanza e Luca Dell’Anna e vi facciamo sentire:
1. Satoyama – (Auand Family 2019)
2. Laura Avanzolini – (Bizzochetti Dodicilune 2019)
3. Serra + Tempia – anatroll (Splasch Records 2007)
4. Alessandro Centolanza – (Squilibri Editore 2019)
5. Francesco Bearzatti – (CAM JAZZ 2019)
6. Luca Dell’Anna – (UR Records 2018)
Vi invitiamo inoltre ai concerti di BLUE JAZZ FEST, di Bourbon Street Napoli Jazz Club e di Caligola Music.
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Tinder is dating app, chatting before the meeting have to be polite. This means:

1) if you decide to stop the communication for ANY reason, it is strictly necessary to communicate it within 24 hours. It’s clear that you can have connection problems, but if it depends on you, you’re rude, impolite, unfair.

2) the meetings are between two people; if you want to meet in more than 2 people it is absolutely necessary that this is expressed BEFORE the meeting.

3) especially after drinking a glass it is plausible to have pleasant sexual encounters in calm and respectful situations but this happens AFTER, before we meet to understand if we like each other like human beings, this is the first reason of the dating.

4) for everything else there is the netiquette here:

if you think you can add or change this short policy write me in the comments or write me in private message

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