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hi guys, now that we have understand that write in english is a good way to improve our language skillz and also the statistic of m.TV, we have some weird news for you from our bloodhound: Clod. Check it out.

1_France, 15.12.2004 shit fall down from the sky, this is nearly a classic “Fortean-fall“, the weird of the weird ! On the roff of the houses of Mauguio, a village in the south fo France the shit pour from the sky. The manager of a garage have call the police after have find some strange brown spot on the cars. The first suspicios is a common line-airplane that fly regularly over the small village. But someone think that is only a joke. Incredibly weird !

2_CRASHit, good news from Magister Lex: your windows crash when it want ? no problem sir… now with this simple software you can crash it when YOU want, read: “NOW YOU’VE GOT THE POWER ” (On the other hand, many users feel that the latest Windows versions are too stable. They become nostalgic, thinking about the good old days when crashes were so regular that you could set your clock by it…I have designed the MANIAC/ULTRA VIOLENCE MODE especially for those of you.)

3_and finally, weird news from India !_ Andhra Pradesh, Karimnagar: a surgery operation for a stomachache reveal 90 metallic objects. Near 90 little metallic objects in the stomach like screwdriver and other hardware for bricolage are be found inside the stomach of a young indian of 22 years. The guy, son of a miner was shelted in the hospital for a psychiatric problem, subsequently, the guy start to vomit. The X-ray test reveal the metal and the medic staff make an urgent surgery operation. Luckily now the guy is good conditions. it is very weird !

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