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Finally some fresh news coming strictly from our Indian friend Mr. Hrundi V. Bakshi, our man in Patna who sent us this e-mail that we are forwarding to you, little nice indian guys. Goodbye friends!

Which could be the future of the young girl who has been kicked off her school for an hot amateur movie filmed and shared via MMS in the last days in New Dehli?

The fate seems to be happy with Her: on the web her name and picture (the one you can see in this post) are spinning hard, but they are probably an hoax. Surely not an hoax seems to be the invitation of a famous private acting school based in New Delhi: IMAGO, working in TV, casting and theatre. They want the young girl with them. Is it just an odd advertising campaign? I will get in touch with you for sure if i catch some fresh stuff in the next days!.

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