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In 1964 Alrugo Entertainment went in to production of the feature film Italian Spiderman, four years later, the film was complete and the company was bankrupt. The film was considered so edgy and generally confusing that no Italian distributor would pick it up. Alfonso Alrugo, the film’s producer and head of Alrugo Entertianment sent the only existing 35mm print of the film off to an underground distributor friend of his in New York in a last ditch attempt to get Italian Spiderman out to the world and maybe re-coup some profit. The cargo ship containing the only print of the film sank somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Alfonso closed the gates to Alrugo Entertainment and went back to the trade that made his millions, orange farming. Alfonso’s oldest son, Francesco Alrugo decided to join his father in re-building his orange empire whilst his younger son, Tedesco Alrugo stayed in the city to continue running ‘Alrugodisc’ the record company Alfonso had established. continua…


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